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About us

The people who have created this website are just  residents of Edinburgh who are united only by a shared sense that the City is sleepwalking to a potential catastrophe.

There is no political party, pressure group, or lobby group, there isn’t any outside finance or funding of any sort, this group have given their own time simply because they feel a great wrong is being done to the city and it’s people.



The Map below from Google Maps itself shows the problem in respect of bad planning, with Main roads feeding traffic to the centre and Princes Street virtually downsized to a footpath, with Shandwick Place to follow, the city simply cannot cope with the traffic necessary to power it's economy.  Like the actual heart attacks and strokes caused in people by the pollution traffic creates; the city itself is faced with seizure and gridlock as its traffic is necessarily forced down smaller, twisting, narrower, residential streets.

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