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Forget the doubts Titanic to launch soon--Babel Tower project on time and within budget

on Wed, 10/24/2012 - 23:00

Footnote first... 

** In a weird coincidence after fighting for years, to NOT release data to the people they exist to serve,  the Council announced they would release it in real-time on their website---just as the UN's Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee were saying that by not providing the requested raw data to the public the Party concerned failed to comply with article 4 paragraph 1 of the Convention something highlighted in a draft report picked up by Radio 4's Scottish Correspondent Colin Blane in a BBC Radio Scotland recently.....spooky coincidence obviously!!

When something just is as fundamentally flawed as the Edinburgh Tram project, and the planning and design contains serious blind spots, then to just keep on yelling that it's "all on time, on track and will be finished soon" isn't really something to celebrate.

  • In 2010 residents said the tram will create pollution by taking such an enormous amount of road space that the traffic will have no option other than to simply use  the residential streets. NOt because they would do this in the face of anxious councillors and officials working to prevent it, but because those councillors and officials wer doing everything to ensure it as no plan at all existed to avoid this happening. Indeed using residential streets IS the plan!

The same amount of traffic on unsuitable (inefficent) streets creates more pollution, and does this right next to where hundreds of thousands of people live.

  • The Council said there was nothing to worry about, that the residents were scaremongering nimbys, misusing the data, to create alarm...and, in effect, telling lies.
  • Residents said traffic pollution was an already recognised problem at thgat time, that was only being shown to be more and more serious with every single piece of research.
  • The Council said this wasn't so and there is nothing to worry about.
  • The Residents said the council needed to monitor the rises in residential streets effectively and stop blowing their trumpet about making Princes street 'cleaner'---andyidiot can see that if all traffic is stopped there, the street will become cleaner. BUT the whole picture needs to be completed.

So why not complete the sensible course of action and measure in those residential streets first to be affected to get some kind of idea as to how the other hundreds of thousands of  homes may be affected in due course?

Instead the Council now say the numbers of homes affected now will be less than our initial study showed.


It is barely beleivable, but it isn't because they have worked to address the issue (they have been in deep denial about it) instead it is because, thanks to the world wide renowned hubris and incompetence shown in the management of the finances evidenced in the project history they can't now build as much of the pollution creating project as they originally wanted to!!

But instead of thanking all their dieties that they have been saved by their own ineptitude from creating a galactic sized colossal disaster ---- and  face only a continental scale 'big' disaster -  the same old faces inside the council (and some new ones) continue to hope for the day, and press for the day, when they will in fact be able to create the original colossal disaster by building the project as envisaged!!!

So while in current arguments they may use their ineptitude to minimise that number of homes that they now predict  will be worse off ---- at the same time they look forward to seeing the original Tie-tanic built and sailing serenely on towards the world scale, historical planning disaster they envisaged in their original report!

Maybe they don't need to be sacked or 'recalled' (the sooner that American innovation in democratic accountability is brought in the better) but sectioned!!

It is laughable really .

But if we do start to see health impacts that the accepted science already shows could easily equate to something like the legionella outbreak earlier this year happening two or three or even more times a year across the city (in terms of illnesses created and early deaths as a result of the pollution displaced from non residential to residential streets) it won't  be funny anymore.

And as things stand because they are not measuring properly, or engaging properly, the fact is that the Council just do not know what the effects will be.

Their recent flurry of activity in announcing their high-tech, real-time sensors and also publishing air quality data** in real time on their website are admirable...their continuing refusal to engage with the very residents who have whistleblown this issue for so long remains shameful.

Until the council truly engage with people, their current actions can only be judged in the light of the shabby history of denial, deceit and dissembling that has marked the history of this project.

Those good people within the council now working, however belatedly,to 'change the weather' on this issue and  to properly engage and consult, need to be supported because in recent weeks the official prouncements have shown that those who believe in spin and not substance remain in the ascendancy, and the councillors themselves remain bewildered and largely impotent.



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