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Independents day 2

on Mon, 04/23/2012 - 15:30


109 – Independents day II!


  1. A document has been left on the doorstep of EdinburghTramFacts (ETF) (extremely) modest office that appears to have been produced by a previously unknown, but doubtless highly respected, think tank.


  1. After scrutiny by our own low powered team of political experts to establish it’s authenticity we have decided to release this document despite the explosive implications it’s publication entails. The very lowly regarded ETF Political analysis unit hadn’t properly woken up after a snooze when asked about this document but after a quick glance down the list of wards and names, decided the secret report closely correlated with their own thoughts---at least that’s what we think they said.


  1. This report is being released on our website only, as part of the larger debate leading up the elections on May 3rd, and is in no way intended to antagonize people---like the Green Party---who in Edinburgh prefer to vote unthinkingly for a label without bothering to worry about what is in the tin.  Or the Lib-Dems who in Edinburgh merely vote unthinkingly, even when there is no label, or often even when there is no tin.


  1. The list contains completely independent candidates ---   but also others, from across the political spectrum who have shown a, perhaps worrying, capacity for independent thinking.  As the need is for independent thinking irrespective of the political colouring of a person’s allegiance this list supplements the first effort from us.

(*Worrying for those who believe that the political processes within Edinburgh Council are no concern of the people outside the charmed circle within Edinburgh Council, like the voters, residents and small businesses across the City)


“Now that candidates have put their respective head gear in the ring and Hustings for the next Council have started this document, which is ‘Top Secret’ and must not be revealed to voters, contains potentially controversial assessments of candidates.


It is based on an assessment of candidates who have shown signs that the best way forward might be, just might be, to put an end to the mad schemes that have been promoted over the past five years and to identify those candidates who have contributed to the city’s failings.


These schemes and failings include, but are not limited to:


1. The Edinburgh Tram

2. The pedestrianising of Princes Street

3. Promoting a Café Culture on Princes Street

4. Closing Princes Street and Shandwick Place to General Traffic

5. Installing a Ferris Wheel in Princes Street Gardens

6. Permanent Traffic Diversions through the World Heritage Site 

7. Failing to Address the Incorrect Analysis of Traffic Pollution

8. Failure to Revise City Centre Pollution and Noise Mapping

9. Failure to Address the Property Repair Scandal

10. Allowing the City Debt to Rise to £1.5bn and

11. Failing to have a Public Inquiry now into the mismanagement of the trams project even now!

There are 17 Wards within the City.

General Recommendations:

There should always be support for an Independent candidate, then (perhaps) The UK Independence Party, basically as these people are not stuck with having any hand in the past failings. And finally a deserving third and fourth candidate where appropriate.

However we are unable to recommend any Scottish Liberal Democrats, or Green Party candidates.

There arealso candidatesnamed who have been responsible for many of the policies that will continue to result in the under funding of the social and development requirements of our historic city for years to come.  


On no basis should any votes be cast for these candidates—it only encourages them.


Ward 1: Almond (3 Councillors):

John Longstaff – Independent

Otto Inglis – UKIP

Norman James Work – SNP


Ward 2: Pentland Hills (3 Councillors)

Mike Professor Pongoo Ferrigan (true!) – Independent

Ricky Henderson – Labour


Ward 3: Drum Brae/Gyle (3 Councillors)

Steven Binney – Independent

John Scott – Independent

NOT  Robert Aldridge – Lib Dem


Ward 4: Forth (4 Councillors)

NOT Steve Cardownie – SNP

NOT Cammy Day – Labour


Ward 5: Inverleith (4 Councillors)

Lesley Hinds – Labour


Ward 6: Corstorphine/Murrayfield (3 Councillors)

James Nisbit – UKIP


Ward 7: Sighthill/Gorgie (4 Councillors)

NOT Eric Milligan


Ward 8: Colinton/Fairmilehead (3 Councillors)

Eric Barry – Labour


Ward 9: Fountainbridge/Craiglochart (3 Councillors)

Cannot recommend anyone!


Ward 10: Meadows/Morningside (4 Councillors)

NOT Jenny Dawe – Lib Dem



Assessment comment redacted on the grounds that this report may be viewed before the 9:00pm watershed by people of a nervous disposition, and the Lib Dems like redacting documents anyway.

William David Mitchell Macadam – UKIP

Ward 11: City Centre (3 Councillors)

Joanna Mowat – Conservative.


Ward 12: Leith Walk (4 Candidates)

Jimmy McIntosh – Independent

Alex Wilson – Independent


Ward 13: Leith (3 Councillors)

Cannot recommend anyone!


Ward 14: Craigentinny/Duddingston (3 Councillors)

Stefan Tymkewycz – SNP


Ward 15: South Side/Newington (4 Councillors)

NOT Gordon Mackenzie – Lib Dem



Assessment comment redacted.

Gordon Murdie – Independent


Ward 16: Liberton Gilmerton (4 Councillors)

Tom Buchanan – SNP


Ward 17: Portobello/Craigmillar (3 Councillors)

Norrie Davies - Independent





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