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Ironic or what?

on Wed, 05/23/2012 - 09:57

Art reflecting life with a poster urging everyone to send a drawing of a tram to their MSP today and urge them to back the Edinburgh tram project.  

Ironically, you'll see the poster shows a tram!!-- not the light rail train that Edinburgh is actually planting on the main roads across the city.

The caring sharing sharing tram can integrate with traffic, bikes and people of course---but the space hungry Light Rail system we are building can't share--it needs all the space for itself.

And so the overweight squatter forces the traffic (that's not just cars folks, but vans, buses, LGVs and HGVs) to use other streets...other streets in which people live.

Hands up everyone who knows that the Edinburgh Tram can't be decoupled at times when there aren't enough passengers to justify it's permanent five carriages.... and know the solution to this?  To lock 4 of the 5 carriages so the passengers huddle in just one, although the whole giant train set still gets dragged around, ensuring traffic still can't share even when the Fat Road Controller has nobody on it!

Maybe we should all send a petition asking for a tram next time to our MSP's, instead of the flabby monstrosity our marvellous city planners remain determined to inflict upon us all.

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