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It isn't HOW they say what they say that's important... it's WHAT they actually said that matters

on Sat, 06/22/2013 - 19:48

It's sometimes worth looking back to see what people said back in the old days,as here in 2003 by a chap called Andrew Burns, confident that Edinburgh wouldn't make the same mistakes as all those  other places had made building a tram --- Or here by a Gordon Mackenzie in 2010 strenuously denying...well, some far fetched story that the tram may not get to Leith...AS IF?!?

Or from whatever faceless officials were behind this report detailing  'operating profit' or 'contribution'  from the Tram, set out in the Council's heavyweight advice to Councillors in August 2011, (*scroll down to paragraph 3.61 in the linked report if in a hurry) and how it changed by March this year (2013) and then again by June 21st this year (2013) .

(The short story on the stats is in Aug 2011 the confident tone was of a £2M operating contribution from the tram which by this March had become an admission that it would need a five year subsidy from the buses, which in June we learn has become an admission that it will make a loss for 'the first 15 years'---At some point no doubt on this trend line someone will pluck up the courage to tell us that ' 15 years' really means 'forever' ---- but not yet.)

The Council employed some expensive consultants to help them come up with a rock solid number in '11, and it isn't that long from this March to this June; these people weren't working with staistics made from ice cream  -so it is diffficult to see how it could have all melted away so quickly.

Then again, Edinburgh didn't make the same mistakes as previous projects, we made a whole shed load of far bigger ones, and the Tram didn't get to Leith either, despite what it's lead Councillor (and a Director of Tie Ltd at the time) said with such outraged emphasis.

What you don't see in any of the statements in the links is any hint,at any time that the Councillors, or the faceless officials writing the briefing reports, had the slightest reservation or doubt about what they were saying.

But that doesn't make it right.

And getting things constantly wrong without ever really admitting it,isn't  an indicator that they'll start getting it right anytime soon.....  probably more like an indicator they'll keep getting it ever so confidently wrong... 

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