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It wasn't that good a view anyway...was it?

on Mon, 07/09/2012 - 14:44

Try and spot the difference between spin and reality below.

  • One is a made up artists impression which was used widely to promote the Tram where the OLE (Overhead line engineering) is almost invisible.


  • The other is the emerging reality, a real 'site' for sore eyes in a World Heritage Centre.  


  • Hopefully Edinburgh won't be the first City in the world to have it's status revoked because tourists find it no longer looks like it does in the brochures. Or perhaps the Council expect tens of thousands of tram enthusiasts will flock to the city each year to admire the new and improved views?

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The other 'spot the mistake' is showing the trams kerbside rather than running down the centre of the street.  Why was this done?  Answers on a stamped addressed envelope or in comments below if anyone knows..... and any other views that have been improved by the Council department of metalworking will be gratefully received and posted 

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