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Join the dots

on Tue, 08/25/2015 - 20:10

Just ten dots

Dot one...2003 Edinburgh Council told if the tram is built as planned the city will see MORE, not less pollution..and this MORE in residential areas than main roads. ALL OVER the city (not just streets near the tram line)


Dot two... Council told their Tie Ltd contract was not fit for purpose---it had too many loopholes, wasn't fit for purpose.


Dot three.. Tram built anyway...contract costs spiral out of control... Contractors drive a fleet of buses through the loopholes..and Tie Ltd collapses in chaos


Dot Four..Tram costs over £1.1Billion for about half the planned system


Dot Five..  Congestion (therefore pollution) GOES higher ...even though vehicle miles are lower than pre-tram (because of the recession)


Dot six ... new air management areas are planned around the centre EXCEPT  in the area this website is located


Dot seven...  We said the money taken every year by the repayments needed to build the tram AND subsidise the operating losses fully expected would come in near to - or even above - £20M extra a year


Dot eight...Last Winter the council revealed they faced a *Cash shortfall crisis* over the forthcoming three years..of £60M....  which is close to that £20M or so unbudgeted money needed to fund the tram running costs and repayments.  Who could have imagined it?!


Dot nine...  What we said would happen does happen...what the council say will happen does not happen.


Dot ten....  Our council want to build more tram but this time it will be *different*.


Rinse and repeat...

Two more prediction dots?


1) We predict that building more tram will not mean the tram will magically *come right*...we'll build more only because the council's political paralysis will continue; there is no opposition to the tram because all parties have played a part in the project and so have linen they'd rather not wash in sight of the electorate, so without debate we are left with the  Politics of PR, Media megaphone and spin.

2) We predict nobody in any party will admit openly that the report in 2003 did tell them the tram would raise N02 and PMs 2.5-10 pollutants across the city...cleansing the centre but dirtying the suburbs.

 To see the pollution prediction tables for yourself.....

To see them with a bit of explanatory text


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