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on Tue, 10/30/2012 - 11:28

This article/comment piece in the Evening News is an example of why the recent UN Aarhus findings are important in helping people keep those in authority 'honest' and have facts at their fingertips and not PR spin chucked in their faces.



It's sort of obvious but I'll say it all the same: There is no possibility whatsoever that just monitoring fumes will raise life expectancy.... the only thing that may do that is the actions that re taken when the monitoring data is collated and understood properly.

As well as just being a smartass swipe at an underpressure headline writer the fact that it is actions that matter, not words, is the significant point.

Anyone following this website will know the information from Westminister's Environmental Audit Committee has been common knowledge for years---- traffic created air pollution kills people and it also creates chronic illness where none existed before.

Kills older people earlier than they would otherwise die (mostly) and creates chronic illness in very young people (often).

It is also a fact that the 'big difference' , mentioned in the article, as likely to be achieved by reducing the number of cars, and buses on the road (and commercial HGVS, LGVs and Vans, though these were not specifically  included)---  is not going to happen.  

The Council know it isn't going to happen.


They know it isn't because they were told this in 2003 in their main tram feasibility report.


The fact is that in the detailed, comprehensive, enormous and authoritative foundation document for the Tram Project the STAG 2003 report, the consultants Mott MacDonald, (this IS a big document!) specifically stated (this is the single table extracted from the document) that more households in more areas across the city would see a rise in pollution from traffic than a fall after the tram started---which translated meant they would see more traffic in their streets, in the years from 2010 (at that time this was the year the tram would begin running!!) to 2026 and beyond.

  • This would happen if no tram was built.
  • The rises would be greater If the tram was built; more homes would be worse off than better off.

That sounds barmy at first sight but there are obvious reasons as to why the Edinburgh Tram project, as designed, had this effect and continues to have this effect.


The council know this but they have never publicised it because their narrative relies on people not examining the Edinburgh tram project but relying on general assumptions that Trams are 'nice', 'green' and 'friendly' to support their views..

We are not advocating any sort of of 'cars only' policy

We are not against 'trams'.

We are simply against the Edinburgh Tram Project.

Because it creates more pollution (noise, aggravation, disturbance and upset) from traffic for more people--and in the roads where everyone lives -- than would happen were it not being mindlessly pushed through  to the original project design.  



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