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NEW health dangers emerging for Edinburgh Council to acknowledge

on Thu, 01/26/2017 - 12:55

An OPEN LETTER  has gone to various people in the City of Edinburgh council pointing out NEW DANGERS from traffic in the city.

In 2007/8 the council DISMISSSED detailed scientific concerns about the  EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION ON HEALTH by people worried at the massive dislocation to the City's traffic flows that was being planned to accommodate the Tram project.

This dislocation ,in effect, picked up the heavy , noisy, polluting traffic from the former (lightly inhabited) main through-routes in the city (in particular Leith Street, Princes Street, Shandwick Place-- but also George Street) and dropped it into residential (densely populated) streets across the south and north of the city.

Although Edinburgh Council airily swept aside these concerns then, they are now the number one public health issue across the world.

Now, on top of the evidence ignored in 2007 about the traffic created health effects such as Asthma, Heart attacks and strokes, new scientific evidence is emerging that identifies even more health worries with living close to heavy traffic.

Such as Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinsonism.



Our council parrot platitudes almost daily about their commitment to improving air quality --- but their actions mock their words.

They continue to plan even now,  for even more traffic displacement in order to build more tram line.

Despite knowing with 100% certainty  more tram will NOT reduce pollution in the city as a whole - but increase it!

They needed to stop in 2008, but pressed on regardless because they couldn't face the *humiliation* of having to abandon the project unbuilt.

Lives and health are more important than the hurt feelings of a few councillors and the executives who pushed on then despite the growing public health concerns.



In 2017 the time has come for the city, and especially the councillors presently masquerading as environmentalists,  to properly question the lumbering vanity project that has caused so much distress to the city.

Instead of making things worse they need to begin looking for ways to put right the damage they have already caused.

An inquiry is presently underway into the history of the tram is far more urgent for the people whose health will be put on the line that the council have the open and unbiased debate on these issues that they suppressed over a decade ago."


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