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Pollution a problem,? Try telling that to the Scientific Services depart

on Sun, 03/17/2013 - 22:58

Another day and another article prompted by the City of Edinburgh Council, the Council quotes spin around the possibility of Low Emission Zones, not a new idea and not a bad idea...but no excuse us if we don't seem overjoyed to hear it.

For over 4 years a small group of residents have battled to show how the desperate errors built into the tram project actively create pollution from a mass transit system supposedly 'green at the point of delivery'.

Their officials continue to under report the levels of pollution and even so their own latest figures show it 14% up with traffic 5% down.

LEZ's are a good idea, trams are a good idea...... but botched management of the project has led to an environmental drama that has gone from crisis to potential catastrophe through three wasted years while a combination of fear and complacency amongst councillors and executives has left truths buried, the evidence of ordinary eyesight denied and  an excutive saying one thing in emails between themselves and another in reports to councillors **and public.

**The last link to Annual report 2013 see the page 11 of 25 and middle box of stats on vehicle miles 5% DOWN-- while on page 12 of 25, final stats on NO2 14% UP... FEWER vehicle miles HIGHER pollution ..and compare this double whammy with the usual untroubled, self congratulatory air of the executive summary.

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