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Traffic fumes are dangerous shock...article

on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 23:09

Here's an article spelling out why traffic fumes are dangerous.

As the writer shows, and every scientific study for several decades has shown, these pollutants are killers.

Obviously traffic causes these pollutants, and so we have to do something about traffic- and urgently? Right?


What we have done is ignore the evidence, and instead cause more pollution to be created by fewer vehicles and make sure this is being done, not in lightly inhabited streets, but in the streets where families with young children and old couples live..  In effect we have taken a pollution issue that should be addressed, made it worse and made sure vulnerable people spend more time living in it.

To find out why this has been done we will need a number of key people, some already gone with their pay offs and bonuses, some still on the scene,  from the collapsed tie company, the Council Chamber and the Council Executive suites to come clean and tell us..

The truth is while crying crocodile tears over these issues the Council knows what is going on.

 In their latest report they avoided highlighting the latest figures show traffic levels measured by vehicle kilometres travelled in the city are 5% down -- but pollution is 14% up.

They didn't mention this in the backslapping summaries and guidance notes probably because they cannot think of a single credible excuse as to why this happening.

The tram, when running will not make any dint in this increase, and they know this as well, indeed they expect pollution created by the demands of the project, and other road closure schemes such as those required by the Charlotte Square redevelopment, to keep pollution levels, not only higher than they should be, but rising even more, for years to come--- in the streets where the most vulnerable people live.

The Council should know this, because they paid very competent project consultants a lot of money in 2003 to predict exactly what would happen if the tram was built as designed, taking key main through route road space, without doing anything to tackle the problem.

And these consultants told them what would happen--- It's in the report and you can read it if you have a spare weekend or two and see for yourself-- but for reasons that have never been made clear, this was ignored, and because they ignored it in 2003 and have ignored it ever since, we now have many bright people throughout the council aworking very hard to convince themselves that they don't know this at all, and never did.

It's too serious a problem for that sort of games playing to be allowed to continue much longer.



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