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Tram responsible for tree planting?

on Sun, 06/17/2012 - 12:19

Latest news from the tram project in the Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday

Planting trees is good news.... that needs to be said.

BUT, to specifically link it to the tram project is irrelevant.

The City wasn't in a position where it couldn't plant trees before and NEEDED to blow £776,000,000 [and counting] to create an excuse to plant trees.

The real issue with the tram project as designed is the directly caused traffic congestion and pollution it creates (by nicking old main roads for it's exclusive use)--- this pollution is proven to create respiratory conditions in children, strokes and heart attacks in older people and even cancer (WHO report this week).

But the people running the city can't see the wood for the ---- er ----trees, and prefer spin to substance every time.

Had we not wasted the £776M (well over £1Bn with financing costs not envisaged in the original plan) we could still have found some places to plant more trees, and had far more money to do it with.

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