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Anyone know the answer to this question?

on Mon, 11/12/2012 - 18:04

Given the enormous weight of scientific evidence, and even some mentions by Edinburgh Council recently, it is beyond argument that traffic created pollution causes illness in people (respiratory conditions like asthma) and even early deaths, often through cardiac attacks or strokes (some elements in pollution thicken the blood).

For some of the pollutants, like PM2.5/PM10s, there isn't really a safe level--they're zero tolerance pollutants. This applies to Nitrogen Dioxide as well, so the EU limit we are hearing a lot about isn't a 'safe limit' ,it is a statutory limit---not the same thing.

One widely quoted study estimates 4,500 people a year die earlier than otherwise in London because of this traffic created pollution, and a quick bit of simple divison relating the population of London to Edinburgh, produces a number around 250 to 253 early deaths in Edinburgh.

But this isn't science of course, it's just us taking some numbers and playing around with them.  

Hence this appeal: if anyone knows of any science research that studies the direct relationship of the numbers of illnesses and deaths to the rises in levels of these, and other traffic related, pollutants, we be glad to hear from you. 

Right now Edinburgh Council are continuing full speed ahead with policies that are displacing more and more traffic down residential streets, by closing off more of the less inhabited main arterial routes, as if what they really believe is that this 'pollution thing' is not really serious-- not really.

At present the convenient untruth being used to contain public disquiet, is that the everything will be okay once the construction phase is over.

But we don't believe them--we believe you only have to look at the maps the Council have released to realise traffic of any sort won't be allowed on the rail lines, and to start to see that there is just no way all the traffic ever 'goes back to normal' again.

So what will be the 'new normal' facing everyone?

You can try and find out by asking for their predictions of where the traffic WILL go after the tram starts running.

We have asked , but they told us they don't have any predictions for the whole city.  

Either they do, and they won't give them out, which makes one wonder what they are trying to hide; or, they really don't know what will happen, which is worse in a way.

It also makes one wonder how they can be certain traffic will 'go back' to 'normal' at all.  If they have no predictions then they're just making it all up aren't they?

But if they are just being silly with us; and they do give you some stats and predictions--- then please send them onto us here on this site, we'd love to see them, and publish them, after all they are public figures gathered using public money for public projects..

And if you have come across any studies relating 'deaths and illnesses' to 'pollution levels and increases' send that on as well, please, because we're keen to have any facts that illustrate the real size and scale of the problem that the City continues it's headlongrush towards.