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The idea that some structures of governance are failing  because of a kind of closed system of meaningless box ticking and 'formal' but not real consultation is becoming accepted.


In Edinburgh one postulates this as the most likely explanation for what is going on because it is the most palatable, as  the alternatives are either Bilderburg-ish conspiracy theories, never very convincing, or old fashioned 'brown envelopes stuffed with cash' Poulson style corruption, which doesn't seem likely either.

As neither of these seems realistic one is left with a fundemental malfunctioning of the system to explain the catalogue of pitiful decison making..

Elsewhere of the site are examples of the straightforward evidence of everyday observation being denied in report after report , but accepted as a distinct possibility,  even probability, in secret emails between those officers responsible for the very same,endlessly optimistic reports that herd the gullible councillorss towards the voting reults wanted.

(Some councillors of course may prefer to be thought be gullible, but that's another layer of possible explanation fro what is going on!)

That this is happening is no longer deniable, it's the 'why' it is happening that is so difficult to understand.

As the University Prof says in the piece, and as you indicate, the officers seem adept at avoiding being forced to account for their actions...and that is one vital area in which the system is dmeonstrably failing...even palsied at present, with grave implications for the city.