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Vic Emery ex TIE Ltd boss speaks up

on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 09:35

The last time I can remember Vic Emery saying anything about the tram was the first time he said anything about the tram.

That was when he was brought in to head up the team making sure all the windows and doors were properly locked when Tie Ltd closed down.

Along with the job of sitting beside City CEO Sue Bruce when they announced their stunning coup in 'rescuing' the tram to an amazed world. 

Vic and Sue forced the contractor consortium into the humiliation of having to give up building a massive chunk of the Leith end of the project---with just a measly £231Million extra, around 40% extra, cash in return.

One can imagine how stunned the German and French business exces must have been as the first' You build 30 % less and we pay you 40% more" deal in the history of civil engineering was put on the table leaving them little option but to buy suitcases to pick it all up in, and head off on their holidays early.

Alongside the achievement in making sure all the padlocks WERE locked when the last person left the Tie building, the Pay-lots-more-get-much-less solution that he worked on, deservedly ensures his place amongst the ranks of the stellar executive talent that worked on the project (off and on) for the last decade or more.

The serious issue is that Vic Emery was in charge of a company (albeit in it's final days) that chose to treat city wide pollution consequent upon the building of the tram as one of a number of shady 'wider issues' with the result that the project's worst effects are yet to be felt, as the pollution rises predicted but ignored throughout the decade or more of planning.

He doesn't seem to have mentioned in his speech, that along with the prospect of an 'early start',  the Council's latest pollution figures (Jan 2013 Annual Transport Review in Edinburgh) predicted traffic down across the whole city by 5% but Pollution UP 14%.


One 'target exceded' that we can be sure never to see trumpeted?


Wider Issue ------------------------------------------- or real issue???