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A view on the tram

on Tue, 07/30/2013 - 21:43

Sometimes , someone will get right at the heart of the matter, as here in this piece on the Edinburgh Guide website.

This is the sort of analysis,  from council and scottish Government supplied facts, data and statistics that never gets heard in the outpourings from the Council's steam driven PR machine.

The Council desperately want it to be good, and they think/hope/crave it will be seen to be to be good just as soon as the first tram runs.

This essay shows why it can't ever 'come good' , and will never come good, until the senior and excutive figures in the Council stop burying their heads in the sand and face the facts rather than running away from them.  They may preserve their saleries and remuneration by the  three wise monkeys policy in the short run......  but in the long run their reputations will suffer as the facts, and the truths , will out.