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Anti tram posters -- signs of the 'Edinburgh Spring'?

on Sun, 04/15/2012 - 15:40

One of the things the council continue fall back on is the 'public approval' for the 'Tram Project' supposedly signalled by early questionaires.

But of course given the right questions one can always get the answers one wants, and the basic fact is that no proper Public Enquiry was held on the project and much of the consultation was little more than a clever marketing excercise.

However it is important that the council see that opposition to this project is far from isolated, these posters, linked from the news articles page on this website as well, show the humour but also the bitterness felt by businesses battling a recesion created by complacent bankers but being made immeasurabley worse by complacent council officers driving through a project that lost any real point some years ago...