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System overloaded by objections

on Sat, 06/16/2012 - 09:43

Latest news is that Edinburgh Council's systems are collapsing under the weight of objections to TROs around the city and especially the one concerning the Charlotte Square development.

Whether this is because the City is finally waking up to the destination towards many TROs, in themselves small in scale, are taking the city as a whole; or because like much else within the council the systems are not up to it is not known.

What is true is that many more people are suddenly realising what the overall effect is to be, that the flip side of a Barcelona style centre for visiting now and again is to squash all the traffic down the streets where people live all the time.

We have had the glossy brochures and PR spin about the advantages of this transformation--but not the other side of the picture, by joining up the dots provided by these TROs that picture is beginning to emerge more clearly and jusdging by the objections pouring in, they don't like what they see.