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Don't bother telling us what you spend it on!!


Something is very rotten inside the whole governing process in Scotland relating to the benighted Edinburgh Tram project as recent stories are finally showing.

We now find the Scottish Government threw £500,000,000 into the doorway at City Chambers with less in the way of care and safeguards than any parent would take handing out their children's sweetie money..

It is astonishing that this can have happened, despicable that the political establishment in both City Chambers and Holyrood have fought so long to cover it up  and the fact that so much cash has been burned to build so little demands not only a PUBLIC ENQUIRY but a parallel CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

The Investigation would be to establish whether the non- criminal corruption of good governance that surrounds the project has been accompanied by any overt criminality.  There may not be any,  but having so much public money spent with so little supervision  means the possibility cannot simply be dismissed with  shrug.

A Public Enquiry, to decide whether the extra £231,000,000 (£450 Million when all interest is added in) is a) going to be enough anyway and, far more importantly, b) whether it isn't being used to build at least part of the solution to the city's transport problem ----------  but to complete the construction of the problem itself.

So great is the traffic dislocation that will be a permanent feature of the city and so few are the passengers expected now,  that the huge jams, congestion and pollution in residential streets to allow largely empty trams to trundle  for decades is too high a price to pay---if  a properly convened inquiry were to decide that then even at this stage the project ought to be re-thought.