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If at first you don't succeed --- pay for more PR


Another day and another little shaft of light shone in on the way the Tram project has been pursued.

Given the council have a large (very large) and well resourced PR department on the payroll it shouldn't be necessary to spend £1 Million with 4 outside firms on the project PR.

Crisis Management is just spin, there are other elements to it than simply accentuating the positives and ignoring the negatives.

The 'Dark Arts' may have a place in justfying Bankers bonuses to the ordinary 'punter', or weapons sales to third world countries, by dissing dissent and obfuscating facts  but they surely have no place in a democratically accountable organisation whose primary duty of care is towards those people, it's citizens, who are the very people having the wool pulled over their eyes.  In effect the city has employed these people to fool ever a full Public inquiry, even with a parallel criminal inquiry (give recent revalations about the complete lack of oversight of half a Billion pounds) is needed urgently.