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Inquiry now calls from columnist


Growing calls for action now (and not many years from now),  in a  perceptive column by Gina Davidson.

We couldn't agree more.  

Past mistakes need to be examined, along with the roles played by every political party bar none, the Scottish Government, and not least whether half a thousand million pounds was simply wasted through ineptitude---- or whether some may have been lost less innocently along the way.

But more imporrtantly we need to investigate exactly what the extra pollution. congestion and ill health effects are to be that can be expected as a result of the City of Edinburgh Council taking 'the easy way out' initially, and eliminating cross city traffic from the old major arterial routes and plonking it by stealth into residential streets

More important?  Because with a will, and without the baggage of all the past errors, connivances and deceits this is a problem that something can still be done about these things.... if we act quickly.