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It's like the M6 Motorway!!!!!!


The schools aren't back but already residents on the Albany Terrace, Abercromby Place route are complaining that it's like 'the M6 motorway'.

That's because it is the M6 motorway.... well the major A1 national arterial route continuation across the city.  The traffic won't stay where it is either, drivers will, as Lesley Hinds said, and as the Council's policy has dictated for years, 'find their own way' and that will include roads and quiet streets miles away from York Place,as well as  the likes of Great King Street St, Stockbridge and numerous rat runs nearby.

The price the city is paying is simply too high for a now meaningless project that is going to eat up so much money that it has destroyed the possibility of doing anything to put it right.  The idea that delusional supporters have that more loss making tracks will be built at some point in the future, borrowing more and more money , is borderline insanity----the local, Scottish, Uk, European and World economies could be facing a downturn that makes the recent ones seem tame.

Yet in Edinburgh the Council is shovelling more and more and more cash into the flames as if there is no tomorrow ---- instead of beingone of the last cities to adopt the old solution, we could have spent far less on being one of the first to adopt the new, truly green and truly integrated one; Hydrogen powered buses able to share with all traffic including cyclists and go anywhere demand may dictate--free from the rail bound road train's limitations.