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Doubts cast over tram money running out...again!!


This article in a specalist Engineering magazine casts doubts over the cash situation of the Tram Project.

This is a familiar story for those who remember repeated warnings from the likes of John Carson some years back in which he warned the project was dangerously off track; only to be accused of being alarmist by the Project PR machine, and prominent council supporters, who repeatedly said the project was on time and on budget..

Since then everything he said about a Billion pound project has been vindicated and everything they said shown to be spin at best and lies at worst.,

In this article sources close to the project are quoted as saying the contingency fund, for problems such as a recent gas main breach in Haymarket that brought work to a halt, is now getting dangerously low.

Especially in view of the major complications involved, just one amongst many  being the need for reconstructing the descent , turn and road surface gradient of York Place to allow the trams to descend safely from North St Andrews Street.

If the article is right the already enormous bonfire of cash burnt on this project could be about to get a whole lot larger and a project that has taken our city to the edge of an abyss, perhaps carry us over it.