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Predictions from CEC in 2001, 2006 and 2012


Edinburgh Council are always saying the Tram is 'now' on time and within budget---the new budget.

As Dirty Harry didn't say--but quite possibly might have,  had he lived in Edinburgh and worked for the Council's PR department  -- " Do you feel lucky punks?"

Seeing as how the predictions in 2001 and 2006 have proved so woefully wide of the mark in both cost and start date for the project the question we all have to ask ourselves, seeing as how this is one of the most finacially feckless council's in the World---Do we feel lucky?

Luck is probably the only thing that can save us from even more financial bad news, as prudence, sober calculation and robust planning have all proved beyond the Council throughout the project.

With the 'off balance sheet' directly consequential health and other impacts, from the willed displacement of traffic from non-residential streets to residential streets not yet factored in; and most of the extra money so expensively borrowed already gone, maybe, as Professor Brian Cox once also didn't say (But might have had he lived in Edinburgh) "Things can only get worse".