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The things they said in 2006


It is interesting to see how ready politicans always are to speak about things well into the future, but less keen to look back at what they said in the past.

2010 is no longer 'well into the future' now of course, and in 2006 crictics of the tram project were told, as ever, that 'looking back is pointless' and 'it's time to move on'.  

Unfortunately moving on in 2006 meant moving on towards a catastrophic outcome....  in 2012 'moving on' in terms of the tram project still means hurrying forward to an even greater debacle.

As JM Keynes, much quoted just now, famously said: " When the facts change, I change my mind.......what do you do, Sir?"

Unfortunately, for a our council it seems no amount of changed facts will evfr be sufficent to cause second thoughts, far less any real change of mind-- and instead, like Captain Smith, Officer in charge of the ill fated Titanic, it is 'Full speed ahead' whatever the disasters looming.