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A comparison between our project and Reims


Around the same time as we began our own ill fated light rail project in Edinburgh one was also beginning in the northern french city of  Reims.

It is interesting to compare what are similar projects (click to view) in similar sized urban areas, although Edinburgh is a bit larger than Reims it isn't enormously so.

The Council have made much of the number of cities in the world that have turned to tram systems in recent years to justify their own project and to help to portray doubters as being against the idea of trams in general, rather than this tram project in this city in particular.

The fact is that no-one in the resident's group is against 'trams' or 'the tram' but against the specfic requirement of the Edinburgh tram to take so much of the main arterial road capacity of the city .

The enormous and unacknowledged dislocation of the city's transport capacity means a huge transfer of the noise, general nuisance, degredation and most of all pollution created, and a large increase in it, from the lightly inhabited 'main roads' to the densely residential 'side streets'.

This transfer and it's implications are understood inside the Council but in Public are consistently ignored or even denied.