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Aarhus provisional decision


The case taken to the United Nation's Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee in Geneva by two Edinburgh residents over the lack of true openess and consultation in the dealings of Edinmburgh Council, particularly over the Tram Project planning and effects, is nearing a final conclusion.

The Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee have a provisonal report on their website, admirably they practise what they preach in adopting the position of putting all information into the public domain, unlike our Council.

So although it is a provisional finding, and has been sent to both parties it is on their own website and in the public domain.

Depending on representations back from both parties DEFRA, (as the convention is a National Government level agreement it is the UK Government responding and not just the City of Edinburgh Council) and the Edinburgh residents Alistair Macintosh and Dr Ashley Lloyd.

However so far it has reached a conclusion with important ramifications for the provision of data by Public sector organisations, Councils and Government departments.