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ON the one hand.....


ON the one hand ..... it's all brilliant but only if it doesn't snow!

Does this mean someone inside the council thinks that the positive spin is rotating so quickly it is in danger of overbalancing and smashing into the ground?  So they immediately 'rowed back smartly' from the sunshiney glow of the first press release with the wintery warning of the second?

Who knows what goes on inside Edinburgh's council?

If this was about veniality, corruption, bribery or anything like that then the lid may well have blown on what is actually going on.

But Edinburgh isn't Moscow, Mexico, Lagos or Kabul--or even Wall Street or Canary Wharf.

The problem in Edinburgh is one of well meaning people, many with a public service conscience, trying to 'do their best', and that makes it all the worse and all the more intractable--- sadly despite the basic decency it is very much a case of 'Meet the New boss, same as the old boss', after the election earlier this year.

With  the good people of the United Nation's Aarhus Concention Compliance Committee about to deliver their final verdict, one would think some of these basically decent people inside the CEC would feel it may be time to just stop the spin and deal with things as they really are.

They know traffic pollution is a massive problem, every single tiny piece of evidence that comes out reveals this, they know the traffic flows around Edinburgh will not 'go back to normal' after the construction period because the tram will have sole use of many formerly main through routes.

They know this traffic will have to go through residential routes in our compact city

So why won't they tell us this?