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Aarhus decision received

The UNECE Aarhus Convention people have produced their final 'Findings and Recommendations' document in respect of the communication brought to them by the two Edinburgh residents.
A first draft version, was distributed to all the parties involved to give a chance for comments and responses, and that last bit of the process is now over, the judgment will be formally ratified at the Compliance Committee's next formal meeting.
This press release highlights the key points..not least of which is a landmark decision concerning how any council and public authority will now have to make far more 'data' and statistical information available to people. 
 In addition to this main finding the UN committee do highlight some other points that are specific to Edinburgh and the particular details of the case; especially some assurances concerning Hope Street, and the importance of the Workshops process, suggested by the council themselves.
It has been a long haul for the two people who took the argument to Geneva because they were frustrated with the way it was being handled in Edinburgh.
The judgements in the Final report which can be seen here  or on the UNECE website recognise that having the same information available to everyone is a basic precondition to effective objecting.
The residents are grateful to the Aarhus Convention Compliance committee, for giving them the fair hearing they feel they have not had in their home city--and making clear that the data collected by public authorities on behalf of the people they nominally serve is not 'their' data' but 'everyone's' data!