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  • These picturesillustrate the convenient untruths the council continue to prefer to use, in order to obscure the inconvenient truths they are still not prepared to acknowledge.
Buses back up along Princes Street even though trams are still years away. 
Officials inside our Council still claim that Princes Street remains a 'main cross city route'--but, as these pictures show, even without  private cars, vans or lorries being allowed on the road - it just cannot cope. 
The Council have been asked to release their 'post-tram' traffic plan over and over again---- but as yet they have refused to do so, and some within the Council even claim they haven't got a traffic plan and intend to start consulting on one 'soon'!!
As if being incompetent is better than being  devious. 
Surely in the whole history of the project somebody at some point would have said: "Er shouldn't we have a think about what's going to happen to the traffic when the thing starts?" 
Because as you can see, even after removing general traffic and closing Shandwick Place, they are going to struggle to get a train down Princes Street at any time around rush hour! 
They know this of course - they just haven't shared the information with the people living on their intended ring road! 
I do think we need our Councillors to take a reality check: 
(i) we all accept that the Tram-train will run at an operating loss and needs to pay interest on long-term loans - what else could Edinburgh have done with the money? 
(ii) we can all see that a train is not going to be able to share Princes Street with buses at peak times - what is going to happen to bus routes? 
(iii) we can all see that cyclists cannot share Princes Street with a train as there are places that go down to one lane - where do cyclists go? 
(iv) if you have displaced HGVs, cars, buses and cyclists from Princes Street - where do they end up? 
GVs, cars, buses and cyclists from Princes Street - where do they end up? 
  • These pictures are spectacular views of the Capital -- but under the stunning light show is a bleak message about a Council process surrounding the trams that has simply been unfit for purpose, a process that has consistently resorted to using untruths to hide the truth about the clear and present effects of the problems caused by the planning oversights that began a decade ago, and sadly continue today, unacknowledged, unadmitted and thus unresolved