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Some facts from a different perspective


This is an article from an outside site 'FromZtoA' so all the views and points raised are 'not necessarily those of this website'',  but  a different tone and voice is always welcome and the detail in the article, as well as it's apparent political perspective, is very interesting.

Just to add one festive fact of our own, if one converts the tram project into the length of it's track (13.1Kms or just over 8 miles) and divides by the present total cost (including the mortgage taken out by the City over the next 30 years) then each inch of track is presently coming in at just over £2,150.


And as per contract even this cost isn't capped so although each little sugar cube of steel track isn't yet quite as expensive as Gold, even at it's own present soaraway price...there is still time!!!