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Make sure you take proper care at all times?


This piece is by an enthusiastic cyclist commenting on the 'news' being carefully revealed by the Council, over the last couple of weeks, that (gasp!!)  Princes street will not be able to take buses and trams and will be used only by trams, cyclists and pedestrians.

At present the word is 'may' not 'will' but pretty soon it wil be...will..that is.

The predictions made on this site and by the group of residents behind it are all coming true.

We said pollution would rise, not despite of the Tram, but because of it...and it is.

We said , when the possibility that £545M would not be enough was first floated by the Council, that the final bill would be over £1B because a huge extra amount would need to be borrowed...and paid for.

We said 

Cycling is obviously an idea whose time has come, the cure for what ails you and the past-time for all.  It's something we all do, or many of us do, but something some people get way too addicted to with harmful effects to their intelligence sometimes.

Just as some car drivers can be far too obnoxious in trying to ensure their 'rights' to drive, than some cyclists can be too blinkered in pursuing theirs..

This article doesn't fall into that ' obnoxious' category, it is just written by someone who must either be very selfish or very thick.

The writer apparently couldn't care less where the traffic no longer using Princes Street (and George Street won't be carrying as much traffic either) has disappeared to.  He's just a bit too excited  by the prospect of being able to pedal up and down Princes street without having to worry about anything but avoiding the careless pedestrians.

He's doesn't seem concerned that traffic in Edinburgh is down 5% (at least, maybe more) but pollution in the city is 14% up... for all of us, including him.

He may be a simple soul bothered by what he can see and if something is out of sight it's out of mind. He can see the taxis, vans and the buses that hemmed him in previously, but looks forward to the day when the tram will be the only thing he has to worry about, except those careless pedestrians, as he pedals along one of Europe's finest vistas.

Maybe he'd be more worried about that 14% rise in pollution if he could see it billowing around, not in the marvellously empty, former 'main roads' where the traffic used to go, but in the streets where people live; maybe even where he lives?

Safe cycle ways for cyclists and lowering pollution should not be competing aims.

Getting safe cycleways shouldn't be at the expense of people across large areas of Edinburgh getting  more pollution, noise and traffic, making their streets less attractive to live in and in many cases making them a lot less safe especially for the most vulnerable, the elderly and the very young.

He may not know that the Institute of Occupational Medicine have compared eliminating passive smoking, to eliminating all Road Traffic Accidents and to eliminating all traffic created pollution, and that (surprise!!) Air Pollution causes three times as many 'lost life years' than all deaths from passive smoking AND RTAs combined.

One can see the smoke from cigarettes hanging in the air, and the distressing evidence of Road traffic Accidents is a staple of news programmes and government campaigns, but of course one cannot see the evidence of ,and the effects caused by, traffic created pollution, or that Edinburgh Council have made it 14% worse from fewer vehicles thanks to them causing well adapted historic through routes being 'ethnically cleansed' of traffic....without any idea or heed of where that traffic would go.

Perhaps it just serves all those people right, the ones walking around their streets selfishly breathing in and out amongst the increased pollution they can't avoid now that it's being pumped out on their doorsteps---probably all car drivers anyway?