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Edinburgh to DEFRA ..SOS... is anywhere else seeing pollution 14% up on traffic 5% down??


"the Council has been given advice by the Head of Legal, Risk and 
Compliance that it would no longer be prudent to hear deputations on 
Traffic Regulation Orders and to do otherwise could expose the Council to 
legal challenge."

One almost needs to read this twice to take in that this is how democracy is being practisced in 21st century  Edinburgh, a city that without a trace of irony can still describe itself itself as one of the guiding lights of the enlightenment at the dawn of the modern world.

Nobody is making threats, physical attacks or wild accusations.

But  apparently allowing councillors to simply hear their own citizens stating their case is now a subversive act..

If this legal advice, the ultimate gagging clause in a council apparently addicted to them, succeeds in preventing the councillors hearing the dangerous heresies of it's own people, and we have seen shaken councillors emerging from sessions with Council legal advisors on a number of occasiion over the last few years----- then just click this link to see the document for yourself.

If you are looking for fiery rabble rousing rhetoric, then best don't bother-- But if you are interested in a  fornsic dissection of the 'State of denial' within the the City of Edinburgh Council, and think the advice to councillors above, has no place in democracy then read on....