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Edinburgh twinning with Detroit??


The cascade of bad decisions now being revealed piecemeal have been inevitable for years, and clear to anyone who has looked at the plans of the tram project and various associated piecemeal traffic management proposals that have flown from it.

A whole host of 'solutions', such as the loop(y) idea mentioned in the article above, are now arriving to address the problems created by the original ill thought through, and unnecessary, tram scheme layered onto the even older 'Gehl Vision' plans.

The worst effects of the collapse of traffic planning won't be felt in the central areas from which traffic is being progressively eliminated, but in residential areas across very large swathes of the city (and not one or two streets) as the traffic needing to get across the city to schools, workplaces (and as the traders are now finally realising), out of town shopping centres, is left with no option but to attempt to find it's own way, avoiding the multiplying bottlenecks, down less and less suitable streets and avenues.

Only this council could turn an attempt to build a green transport system into a rolling pollution menace in it;'s residential streets, while at the same time threatening the commercial viability of it's central business areas..... welcome to Europe's answer to Detroit??

The truth is out there...mainly buried in the council's own reports beneath the usual paeans of praise to themselves which is as far as most councillors seem to read... the recent Annual transport Review published by the council must have almost broken a rib so hearty was the mutual backslapping in the Council Officer's Review of highlights.

Buried in the appendices was a different story of truly lamentable transport planning with traffic DOWN by 5% across the city but pollution UP 14%---No wonder the Council want to focus only on the marvels of the Gehl inspired vison of a pedestrian friendly city and turn it's back on the congested, increasingly polluted and noisy streets that the people of the city actually live in..