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Resident's response to City Centre Vision plan from the Council


Residents in one of the first neighbourhoods to really feel the effects of the Tram project on traffic levels have sent around a document in their own neighbourhood which may be of help to other areas starting to realise the  increased traffic they are seeing is perhaps not going to be either as temporary or as small as previous assurances from the Council may have led them to believe. 

Any other Community Councils and residents groups can just access this document here  , while it is a 'neighbourhood document' and so addresses specific concerns as you will see some of these concerns are going to cause effects that spread far beyond their own area. 

Many people in Edinburgh may well still be at the same stage that these residents were over three years ago, when they already spent considerable time and effort to try and get simple straightforward answers to ordinary questions about the longer term plans of the Council, without success 

The committee behind this document spent time being alternately reassured about the real effects and then shocked when further reports and votes revealed why the Council had avoided answering those earlier questions. 

The Council appear to believe that once people understand the reality the council themselves really expect to see,  there may be far more anger about the project evan than is already the case. 

The fear of residents who have tried for years to get post-tram traffic plans from the Council is that CEC's wish is to simply postpone the day as long as possible when they will be forced to admit what they already know. 

Or even, when the day comes that they no longer can avoid admitting problems flagged up in the main feasibility study as long ago as 2003, and in particular the very wide-spread effects of traffic increase in residential areas across the City, the council substitute in place of  'admitting them' and instead prefer to pretend these are being suddenly 'discovered', anew. 

The  main transport report presented annually by officers of the Council to the councillors on the Transport & Environment committee, in January, had only praise for targets achieved and boxes ticked in the written summary and conclusions. 

However buried in the statistics in the appendices (pages 11 and 12 if you linked to the report) were the two facts that show the worst predictions of 2003 are starting to come true even now as the 'temporary' tram works closely mimic the 'permanent state of affairs' post-tram....  Pollution UP 14% even though (because of the recession) Traffic is 5% DOWN.


       And as if burying those facts isn't bad enough consider how this statement right at the top of the report -----

    "fewer road traffic casualties killed, seriously and slightly injured" --  fits in with these figures buried further down in the report (page 8 of the 25 pages)

                                         Target                  04-08average               2011 target                    2011 casualties

                                        People killed                    9                                    7                                     10  

           When you have worked it out you will understand a little better  how things get done inside the Council