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Open Data at G8... not in Edinburgh


Suddenly Summer and sunshine is breaking out all over where the Public's right to know is concerned.

Except in Edinburgh.

While the reported potential committment from the G8 countries has yet to materialise, the trailing of it in newspapers like the Telegraph indicate some kind of realisation is dawning that 'their data' IS actually 'our data'- and it's in their interest to wake up and realise this.

Sadly, anyone who has followed the story on this website so far will be familiar with the desperate battle Edinburgh Council have waged for a number of years, firstly to avoid measuring the data,then to withhold the data, then when forced by a light shone by a UN committee to start releasing it, how hard they have fought  to avoid having to admit openly, what the data is telling them privately.

The latest ruse -  after being forced to start monitoring in just one street at the centre of the fight--- is to STOP measuring the old way, perhaps before any data that may embarass them has been produced.

This will not only make meaningful comparisons with other streets difficult but with the levels in this particular street from the past.

That's not openess...and it certainly isn't enlightened.  In Edinburgh 'our' data remains 'their ' data, and instead of doing what we ask they do what the want.

In case anyone in the council has forgotten, it wasn't the ordinary people of the city who messed around, messed up and turned a disaster into a crisis and then a catastrophe --- all by keeping their information all to themselves and doing what they thought best.

If they'd involved the rest of a decade ago perhaps the city wouldn't be in the mess it is now?