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When one makes bad decisions then bad things happen


This article on 21st of June (BBC website) headlined Edinburgh trams expected to run at operating loss,  (something which careful readers will recall being for over 3 years by people behind this site)

This article less than a week later (same website) headlined Edinburgh Trams: Tax Break hopes for project.

Nobody at the Council seems at all aware of the mixture of toxic stupidity and thud and blunder crassness involved in one part of the public sector 'hoping' to be able to pay less tax to the ---er....public sector.

It is truly staggering that the fact that the £231Million extra that was borrowed in a panic stricken few days to 'save the jobs and reputations of many prominent people' (Apologies! that should of course read 'The tram project')  will cost the council millions of pounds every month for decades to come---  further hundreds millions of pounds that are routinely and sytematically NOT admitted as a cost hanging round the neck of the city.

It is equally sobering to consider that while Cllr Gordon Mackenzie, once the face and voice of the project, indeed it's ultimate overseer within the council,  kept parrotting the official line (ie the line fed to him to parrot by officials) that the project 'was on time, and on budget' it was in fact bust, bankrupt and broken---hence the wonga loan of £231M needed to be begged in such a hurry in the first place to finish it.

('Finish it' of course means in reality NOT finish it, but 'finish something...anything' )

All of this wouldn't be quite so bad if people at the top were owning up--but they're not, they remain in denial and thus making things worse, not better for the city.

To be actively considering that a corporate tax fiddle around the edges of what  a considered legal; and that this could be a smart move to further obscure the reality of the city's shattered finances from the people who live in it,  is to reveal how broken the Council's idea of itself, and it's duty, has become and how far from the reality of it's role, it has strayed.