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Here we go again!


A few days ago Sir Donald Mackay used the pages of the Scotsman newspaper to give us all the benefit of his thoughts on the tram project and the chances, as he sees it, of 'pushing on' with the project.

Reading it one feels almost trapped in the early years of this century, listening to the same over confident assertions and out dated ideas, riddled with complacency,  showing no evidence of having learned any  lessons from the past catastrophic decade.

On this website we have long argued that our council and city establishment  can never hope to do anything about the mess we are in as a city, until they face up to the facts about why that mess happened.

The plan did not fail by accident, it failed because it was a bad plan.

Happily for us, and those who feel like us that a day of reckoning over this project is long overdue, a day after the original article appeared John Carson, one of many long standing critics of the project, wrote a rebuttal piece that forensically examined the claims made by Sir Donald Mackay and compared them, not to the tired hopes and dreams for a project that in reality imploded completely a number of years ago, but to the reality of here and now, and the reality of the next 30 years in Edinburgh it left behind.