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Don't build schools ON busy roads ever again say experts.. but Edinburgh Council sends the busy road TO our schools


One tram fact and two pollution facts:

The first of these is counter factual, and the 2nd two take some swallowing at first sight--but that does not make them wrong, and all three are true.

This map...created from Edinburgh Council's own data released on tram effects in 2008 shows this stealth displacment-- of both traffic, and it's pollution (noise, disturbance and danger as well) and it sits uneasily alongside the Environmental Audit Committee suggestions in particular. Highlighting as it does just how many schools, formerly on quiet, lightly trafficed roads are seeing traffic, displaced from old main roads, dumped into their streets.

Two major roads see massive decreases in traffic..Leith Walk and Princes Street ----the council will never cease highlighting this.

But as the map ( and the first fact above) shows things are not so nice for the 60% of households seeing pollution increases in their street, or the pupils and teachers in the schools seeing pollution dumped at their gates---and the council have never , ever mentioned this in the mountain of self-congratulatory pamphlets, speeches and media releases on the Tram project.

These dots are all connected, the tram project did not have to be designed the way it was, things didn't have to be the like this--but they are unlikely to change while we have a council, administrators and elected representatives alike unwilling to even admit the facts let alone face them.


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