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Facts do matter -- Quick quiz, answers provided


Q1: What connects the United States of America's Environmental Protection agency in Washington DC and the United Nation's Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee based in Geneva?

Q2:  What are PM2.5s? [Answer Hint: click here to see the USA's epa one page summary on what PM2.5s are and how dangerous they are :) ]

Q3 Read this table measuring PM10s in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow and spot the glaring anomaly. (click here to see table for PM10s)

Q4: Our credibility gap video on this website Home Page (click to see)  .. do the council still deny that it is true, that we were right and they were wrong?

Q5: Have they ever written to thank us, or even acknowledged we were right and they were wrong?


A1: The connection is two Edinburgh residents who were worried about air quality in the city and the fact the Council continues to refuse to acknowledge the fact that they expect levels of all three main air quality clsses of pollutant (Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2; Particulate Matter 10, and Particulate Matter 2.5s ) to worsen- as a result of building the tram.

(Strange but inconvenient truth too inconvenient for Edinburgh Council to acknowledge, but true nevertheless).

The residents couldn't get any sense from the bureaucrats, administrators, and councillors in Edinburgh and Scotland, so took the same case to Geneva.

Got a hearing and Edinburgh were told to realease data as soon as they had it.


A2: They're things the USA has been measuring since at least 1998- they are things Edinburgh does not measure.


A3:  The *glaring* anomaly is in Edinburgh's measurements.  After pootling down and then going up a little bit there's a gap..the device measuring the levels is moved..and hey presto!! They're miles lower.  Zis only happens in Edinburgh.  The footnote they give explains the device was moved from measuring the pollutants in Princes Street to Edinburgh's St Leoneards area tomeasure *background* we have the old style *foreground levels* as well then?!

Supplementary answer: The device SHOULD have been moved, that isn't a problem; because in 2003 the Council and Scottish Government knew pollutant levels WOULD fall on Princes Street to unrealistically low levels (because all the traffic is slowly being moved to facilitate the tram being able to maintain it's designed speed and timetable). However they also knew pollution would rise on many other streets so why not move it to one of those? 

As it stands it looks as though Edinburgh is doing a cracking job on it's pollution control in respect of PM10s --so not all bad!


A4: No because they now DO measure pollution in many other streets around the city, now taking account of the blindingly obvious in the way WE said it logically should be measured and the way THEY fought for years to pretend they couldn't understand.


A5: No they have never, ever said to us we were right, far less thank us for pointing it out to them; nor have they ever said to the journalists who they originally told that we had it wrong..that in fact:We had it right and the Council had it wrong. 


Double points for including in Answer 2  that Edinburgh does not even measure the most dangerous Particulate Matter 2.5 levels, considered as such by the US's EPA nearly 20 years ago.




0 out of 6 most people in the city because the council cover this stuff up

6 out of 6 all of the senior administrators, councillors, and members of the political parties in the city who continue to pretend that the costs of the effects of unnecessarily higher pollution levels in the city, of pollutants known to have very significant impacts on health and even mortality, will just go away if nobody ever says anything about them.

And above all is never mentioned to the people who live in the city--because it would only alarm us, and then we might want something done about it...which wouldn't help anybody now, would it?