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Tram Secrecy over payouts


Make trams chief payout public: MSP

From the Scotsman: Published on Wednesday 7 March 2012 14:33


A Labour MSP has hit out at the "secrecy" surrounding Edinburgh's troubled trams project as she called for details of the payout its former chief executive received to be made public.


Richard Jeffery stood down as the chief executive of Tie, the body responsible for managing delivery of the trams, last May. A legal agreement reached when he left the job prevented both him and Tie from discussing his employment - meaning details of the payout he received have not been made public.

However Kezia Dugdale, a Lothian MSP, said the trams project was not a "normal, run of the mill contract" as she called for the information to be made available.

The Labour MSP has been demanding a public inquiry into the project,