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release 101 - Rewriting history before the history has even been written?


Recent articles by people associated with the Edinburgh Tram Project seem to be rewriting the history of the project before it has been written impartially.

Residents battling to make clear the city wide serious effects, still not generally widely known, of a project whose inhgerent flaws make these effects inescapable, are obviously keen to not allow such 'mea ex-culpa's to stand unchallenged.

This article contains a rebuttal letter, also published in the same paper as the original article in question, this one by Donald Anderson, former leader of the Council, which corrects some of the so called 'facts' and surmising in the article.

The residents group, along with a number of MSPs and MPs hope to see an early judicial inquiry in order to establish the facts of the project with the aim of being able to do something about things before it is too late.