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Alstead v Anderson-- exchange over the tram project


An exchange between former Council leader Donald Anderson emerging from the political and professional graveyard becoming ever more populated by people who accepted the case for the tram project uncritically, to gently re-write the history of the project--and Allan alstead a prominent and long standing sceptic of the same project.

Played out in the letters page of the Scotsman newspaper at least Mr Anderson shows himself ready to acknowledge mistakes, now freed from the cares of office, as in the acceptance of the Council's recent astonishing admission that the solid 10.5 million passengers a year---- given to the public last autumn when vital votes were being taken--- were actually know to be 5.4M.

The councillors voting were told this but then sworn to secrecy by the lawyers working for the then still existing tie company, and the Council and the voting went ahead with the voters ignorant of the collapse.

Cllr Gordon Mackenzie the discredited spokesman for the project and tie Director when finally forced to confron the figure explained it by saying that with far less tram line being built of the course the passenger numbers would be far less--typically he avoided saying 'But of course the amount of money needed will be  far, far greater.

Mr Anderson far more readily accepts that when the facts change the only logical reaction is simply to aaccept them with good grace.