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w104---The money is already running out..... again!!



The truth will out eventually.

The latest reports today show that even the extra £231M borrowed is running out quickly

But as ever you could have 'read it here first'.:

9th August 2011: John Carson prominent critic of the flawed Edinburgh Tram scheme said.

        “…Stopping the tram, mothballing the project and finding a       better way to move forward is the unavoidable and necessary       first step in making sure there is money available to do    anything…. “


          “Fact: The Turnhouse station option ……… can be built for a     fixed price of £25M and handle 4.5M passengers per annum        with connection to Haymarket in 7 minutes and Waverley in 11 minutes.”


          “Fact:Gogar Station short of the airport, part of the tram        project, is predicted to be used by430,000 passengers,      300,000 of which are destined to use the airport, at a cost of        £40M, “


        “The uncontrolled waste (will) spiral upwards with the (then)       recent casual commitment to find ‘just another’ £231M or so        to push the tram to St Andrews Square ---that’s the lowest   price; on past form that has little chance of staying           below £300M or (even) more.  ---“

            There are many other examples that could be quoted.

Mr Carson  and others were warning long before last August (click here to see downloadable pdf of this) that the final cost of even the remaining fragment of the project we have been left with would almost inevitably soar far beyond even the already unbelievable £771M passing £900M and possibly even going as high as £1 Billion! ---  Their views were dismissed and disparaged by the Council.

Pressing on because we have come so far we must have ‘something’ to show for the money already spent is the final desperate justification being given because it is superficially attractive, but like many superficially attractive arguments it simply falls apart when examined in light of the facts it seeks to explain.

·         Edinburgh City Council was originally expecting to contribute just £20M of the total of £545M.

·         It is now having to mortgage future income to finance the extra £231M. They had to admit the extra £231Million was uncapped.  It is merely the starting price for building a few miles of irrelevant rail track, as we can see now ‘uncapped’ means what it says on the tin.

And all of this is to build a single rail line on City roads, that forces traffic dislocation which  in turnincreases pollution from the same amount of traffic, increases traffic, AND finally  transfers that increased pollution from lightly inhabited, transiently populated shopping and commercial arterial roads into residential streets.

The more we build, the more we waste and the worse the problems will be. 

Instead of building ‘something’ to show for all the money, all we are doing is burning cash and hoping the smoke from the money bonfire will obscure the facts and make it look like we are doing something worthwhile….and the cash we are burning is being borrowed by us in ever grater amounts for no other reason than to keep the smoke swirling thickly and the bonfire blazing brightly.   ENDS