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Signs of the times--anti-tram posters


This link to a Flckr site connects to a series of anti-tram posters produced by a small print shop in the Haymarket area typical of many small businesses across the city having to battle through years of upheaval driving away custom with no real idea of what, if any , the advantages will be even when the work finishes.

The words in italic are there own description of the effects of this project.

Their opposition, like so much opposition, is dismissed as fragmentory but as we hope to show on our site there are many people across Edinburgh tired of the project being rammed forward regardless of damage and harm being done whether to the City's appearance, it's businesnesses, health and air quality or finances..



Many of you will no doubt be aware of the ongoing farce that is the Edinburgh Tram project. Loved by everyone with a) a vested interest, and b) a complete detachment from any form of common-sense or reality, but hated by everfyone else, the project that started out with a vision of a link between the Airport, the City Centre and the regenerated Leith area, with branches to the Granton Waterfront and Royal Infirmary, all to be delivered by 2010 within a budget of £545 million, has now been reduced to a pitiful single line from the Airport to St. Andrew Square, with no continuation to Leith, Granton or the RIE, no end date in sight, and a total budget conservatively estimated at a minimum of £775 million. The disruption to the lives and livelihoods of every man, woman and child in Edinburgh is apparently of no consequence; so, too, the plight of the numerous businesses along the proposed route - including the canned sections - that have been, and continue to be, decimated.

One such business, a small print shop in the Haymarket area, has been putting its talents to good use over the last five years, highlighting the sheer lunacy and three-wise-monkeys thinking that has surrounded this comedy of errors from day one. A few examples of its work are presented here.