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Edinburgh Council Chiefs broke the Law over 'document shredding' case


The constant drip feed of news about how the council manage the news surrounding the tram is disturbing.

The default position for a while has been to say nothing, but increasingly evidnence like today's news from the Scottish Information Commissioner shows an inquiry is urgently needed wile there is still time to address the catastophic fault lines still lying across the project as it stands.

Right now the most pernicious effect of the project may not be the sheer cost still spiralling ever higher, or even the blighted project design parameters that are the cause of rising traffic and the pollution levels this brings to more and more residential streets across the city, but the effects it is having on the administrative structures with managers and senior executives becoming too closely identified with the project to maintain objectivity.

As this ruling clearly shows the desire to promote 'our tram' can easily cross over into a culture of indefensible bias affecting the conduct of what, after all, are supposed to be Public Servants.

And these very people whose impartial advice and judgement is what councillors rely upon in trying to do their best for the City in what it is a very threatening situation.  There is no hint or sign of direct financial corruption but this only makes the situation even more serious. 

The conflicting accounts in this instant involving a perfectly straightforward request from a Member of Parliament Kezia Dugdale of shredding, lost documents, documents suddenly re-discovered--the ready recourse to 'commercial confidentiality as an excuse to stifle debate by denying it the oxygen of facts, a disturbing tendency for policy to be changed in informal meetings where no minuted account exists in the first place, and the recurrance of very dubious projections of costs that unravel as soon as votes have been held- add up to make a Judge led Inquiry not only desirable at some stage but inevitable---and right now.