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Independents day


Despite the recent spin, worries have already emerged that the Tram project is again heading for more catastrophic overspending even on the bloated new budget.

Things have to change and they can change only if the elected Council chamber can be re-energised and re-invigorated.

With all 4 parties and the Greens equally implicated in the political infighting and paralysis that has allowed the project to be driven by unelected officials and managers since the demise of tie it may be time to vote for asn independent candidate...any independent candidate.

The managed debates, whipped votes and political infighting has led to disaster, and it's a disaster that is still getting worse.

 With the tram burning through cash, the building being done along Princes street first only so that when the money runs out again, the appeal will be that so much has been built and so much spent we must press on, and the irrefutable fact that the more that is built beyond Haymarket the worse things get in terms of air pollution levels worsening---we must change and to do that Independent people are needed.