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DARKNESS VISIBLE-- email extracts from CEC



Emails obtained fromn one Freedom of Information request shed light on what was going on behind the scenes when others were made last year.

The June 30th meeting of the council was a crucial one in setting the course of the project in the teeth of heavy criticism and fears over the eventual total cost.

One aspect hardly mentioned was the potential for the on road sections of the Tram to create increses in traffic pollutants in residential streets with the displacement of vehicle traffic demanded by the design of the tram system and it's relatively high average speed.

As our press release shows council officials were acting against both the spirt and letter of the Laws concerning release of information and showing a clear desire to prevent the release of information they appreciated could harm the case for the tram project.

Worst of all is a discussion in which they speculate that even if wrong the appeal process would mean the information being released too late for the meeting; too late to affect the outcome.

This is making a decision against the presumption that all information is public information and the default position should be to release it unless there are good reasons not to, and serves to highlight the bias of officials apparently too closely wedded to the project to retain objectivity.