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OPEN LETTER to Sue Bruce from a group of concerned engineers


A group of concerned engineers wrote an open letter about the trams almost a year ago and many of those concerns, disregarded by the council came to pass---not least in the recent scandal about toxic land being fly tipped.... one of the specific issues flagged up in the letter.

Now they have written a second letter expressing grave concerns about the engineering problems in the turn needed after leaving St Andrews Square, using North St Andrews Street, to get into York Place.

The fact that the Council budget covered the Tram to St Andrews Square and not York Place, but with such a large engineering problem left outside, and the subsequent decison to add a 'temporary stop' in York Place, again unbudgeted, raise fears to their minds that the mistakes of previous years are being repeated and  the £776,000,000 budget, already under pressure elsewhere could be blown apart by these kind of incorrectly assessed and unplanned additions to the plan.

Reading the first letter, and the subsequent story in the media, shows their fears are not ill judged, they are a group with worldwide experience on many transport and civil engineering projects and were the first to crticise the original contract and identify it as unworkable, and the source of many probelms that beset the project.

These latest concerns are equally serious and deserving of attention from those in authority over the the beleagured project.