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Temporary changes on a permanent basis


This story in the Scotsman  will not be a surprise to anyone who has followed the Resident's battle to get the Council to own up to the truth of the enormous effects the Project will have on the city...after all the Residents were saying traffic will be permanently increased throughout the wider New Town over two years ago.

The two extracts below from the story on the link illustrate very familiar tactics by the Council's  for getting the unpalatable effects of the project past a public which in truth has never shown any true depth of support for it.

...................The council yesterday warned that York Place may not be returned to normal until the final quarter of 2013 - much later than anticipated,..................

................ Car drivers are being urged to use diversions through the likes of Abercromby Place, Heriot Row and Albany Street to get from the west end to the east end of the city centre..........................

  • The roadway can never be returned to normal as the two centre lines in either direction are to be removed for ever.  Traffic will not be able to drive on the tramline that swoops out of North St Andrews Street and trundles towards the end of York Place near Broughton Street.
  • Car drivers are being urged to use diversions  - There will not only be car drivers using the diversions but all manner of traffic, and they will not  only use the apporved and signposted ones so watch out Gt KIng Street, Drummond Place, Northumberland street etc.

'Returned to normal' when used by the council invariably means 'changed to a new normal'.

Just as Temporary diversions or temporary increases in traffic invariably mean permanent.

And as it all settles down watch out in Morningside, Bruntsfield, Trinity and Grange etc as well, when the smarter drivers realise the time savings they can make by using the Council's unsingposted, but likely, rat runs and HGV cut throughs as well---the original CEC commissioned report in 2003 didn't predict over 60% of the City having worse air quality as a result of the tram for no reason; they understood very well where the real costs of the project were being hidden.